Reading suggestions

Someone asked for a book suggestion. My reply…

It’s hard to think about anything other than AI these days. The books are mostly out of date.

For AI, I suggest:

Things on my mind:

  • How do we regulate and police our way to a better offence/defence balance, without wrecking civil liberties? We can surely do better than totalitarianism.
  • Will the policy response in 2023/24/25 slow things down for several decades? Hard to tell.
  • Should we think of digital minds as alien invaders, or our children, or something else? cede the future to as we do to children, rather than than see as alien invaders.
  • Very new politics coming soon. How to prepare?

Big news of the year: most world leaders basically get it now. This has happened faster than I expected.

In the not-AI” section, I liked Professor of Apocalypse and The Other God That Failed, both by Jerry Z Muller.

More and more, I read with GPT-4 open, asking questions as I read, as I might with a private tutor. Pay for ChatGPT if you didn’t already.

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