Tom Holland on Paul’s Letter to the Galatians March 23, 2023
Otto Petras on the conditions for religious awe February 12, 2023
Chris Cullen: what do you want to naturalise? February 4, 2023
Richard Meadows & Nassim Taleb on FU money January 18, 2023
The last homily of Pope Pius XII January 16, 2023
Marc Andreessen on the heros we’re allowed to have January 15, 2023
Jonathan Bi on how to live with a Girardian worldview January 2, 2023
Tyler Cowen on axiology: I see the good as more holistic than additive-aggregative April 18, 2022
Robin Hanson on his methods March 22, 2022
Dominic Cummings: given they don’t take nuclear weapons seriously, never assume they’re taking X seriously March 19, 2022
Francis Bacon on pragmatism March 15, 2022
Cass Sunstein and Richard Thaler on libertarian paternalism February 24, 2022
Tyler Cowen on historicism and taking sides February 21, 2022
Eliezer Yudkowsky on naturalism February 16, 2022
Tyler Cowen on who should get more status February 15, 2022
Nick Bostrom on singletons February 14, 2022
Anders Sandberg on transhumanism February 11, 2022
Robin Hanson on world government and collective suicide February 10, 2022
Bernard Williams on Sidgwick and the ambitions of ethics February 8, 2022
John Maynard Keynes on Sidgwick February 7, 2022
Tim Urban on cosmology January 1, 2022
Robin Hanson on value drift December 31, 2021
John Richardson on Nietzsche’s metaethics December 30, 2021
Elijah Millgram’s pragmatic critique of internalism December 29, 2021
John Richardson on Nietzsche’s naturalism December 28, 2021
Report on human augmentation from the UK Ministry of Defence (May 2021) December 25, 2021
Eliezer Yudkowsky: Darwin discovered God December 25, 2021
Comments on “This is the Dream Time” December 24, 2021
Robin Hanson: This is the Dream Time December 24, 2021
Tyler Cowen on moral principles and the margins at which we should give them up December 23, 2021
Ross Douthat speculates on religious responses to transformative technology December 22, 2021
Tyler Cowen on Straussian truths and rational choice ethics December 21, 2021
Tyler Cowen on our local cone of value, and the name of his book December 20, 2021
Ruth Chang on parity, agency and rational identity December 17, 2021
Holden Karnofsky on visualising utopia December 16, 2021
Richard Rorty on Proust and Hegel December 15, 2021
Richard Rorty on his path from Plato to Hegel to Dewey December 15, 2021
Bernard Williams reviews Nagel on reason December 14, 2021
Thomas Nagel on reason December 14, 2021
Joe Carlsmith on secular love and loyalty December 13, 2021
Maxwell Tabarrok on growth as condition for cooperation December 12, 2021
Robin Hanson: one of our main choices is between competition and governance December 11, 2021
Brian Leiter on naturalism and normativity December 10, 2021
Agnes Callard on philosophy December 9, 2021
Chrisopher Janaway on Nietzsche’s Genealogy December 8, 2021
Nietzsche on metaphysics as symptom December 7, 2021
Simon Blackburn on people who think that anti-realism entails nihilism December 5, 2021
Joshua Greeen on utiltiarianism as “deep pragmatism” December 4, 2021
Joe Carlsmith on the importance of how you weigh it December 3, 2021
Elijah Millgram on metaphysics as intellectual ergonomics December 2, 2021
La Notte November 29, 2021
Parfit’s optimism November 29, 2021
Georges Bataille on Nietzsche November 28, 2021
Cheryl Misak on Ramsey’s pragmatism November 27, 2021
David Pearce on natural conception November 26, 2021
When we read someone else thinks for us November 25, 2021
Nietzsche on love of fate November 17, 2021
William James on religion, healthy-mindedness, melancholy metaphysicians November 16, 2021
William James on morality and religion November 15, 2021
William James on religion November 14, 2021
Nietzsche on pluralism November 13, 2021
Peter Thiel on envy November 11, 2021
Tyler Cowen on how to be a good agnostic November 10, 2021
Tyler Cowen on reasons to be dogmatic November 9, 2021
Peter Thiel on faith, reason and hyper-Christianity November 6, 2021
Francis Fukuyama on boredom and sacrifice November 5, 2021
Wolf Tivy on transhumanism and Henry David Thoreau November 4, 2021
Ronald Dworkin on Posner’s doubts about the persuasiveness of moral arguments November 3, 2021
Richard Posner on moral entrepreneurs November 3, 2021
Elisabeth Costello - The Philosophers and The Animals November 2, 2021
John Dewey on moral principles November 1, 2021
John Vervaeke on rationality, relevance realisation and insight October 30, 2021
Richard Rorty reviews Truth and Truthfulness by Bernard Williams October 29, 2021
Nietzsche on the prospect of secular ethics (as quoted on the dedication of Reasons & Persons) October 28, 2021
Nietzsche on love of truth, life, and perhaps even cultivating the species October 27, 2021
Tyler Cowen on Builders vs Nervous Nellies October 26, 2021
Ash Milton on meritocratic elite selection October 25, 2021
Keynes on Economics and the Limits of Decision Theory October 23, 2021
Robin Hanson on the future as reality October 20, 2021
Nick Bostrom on crucial considerations October 19, 2021
Nick Bostrom on the influence of moral prophets October 19, 2021
Nietzsche’s mountain October 19, 2021
Bernard Williams musing on his career October 18, 2021
Holden Karnofsky on bounded commensurability as a way to get “ahead of the curve” on moral values October 17, 2021
Nietzsche on objectivity October 15, 2021
Katarzyna de Lazari-Radek on the attractions of monistic hedonism October 15, 2021
Tyler Cowen: what kind of stories should we be suspicious of? October 14, 2021

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